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The Turn Podcast

A Golf Business Podcast

The Turn Podcast: A Golf Business Podcast Powered by Troon

The Turn takes a broad look at golf, not just as a game but as a business. Julia Kelly and Kris Strauss have decades of experience in the golf industry. The duo discusses trends from the golf business, equipment and more. Presented by Troon, each episode will be joined by a featured guest, promised to be a big-time expert in the industry.

Latest Posts

The Turn Podcast #70

An Exclusive World of Troon Interview with #1 Rory McIlroy

In this special episode, Kris and Julia share the recording of an exclusive Q&A with world #1 Rory McIlroy, which was broadcast live on December ...

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The Turn Podcast #69

Around the World with Sven at Indian Wells Golf Resort

In this episode, Kris and Julia took the opportunity to visit with Sven Wiedenhaupt, General Manager of Indian Wells Golf Resort about his global ...

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The Turn Podcast #68

Pushing the Boundaries of Simulators and "Eatertainmnet"

From a Patented Hydraulic Moving Platform, three hitting surfaces, and real-time ball flight data, to mesmerizing 3D graphics, birdsong, and cool ...

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The Turn Podcast #67

Insights from the 2022 Troon Golfer Survey

Troon only sends its Golfer Survey once every two years, and in this episode Kris and Julia are joined by EVP Phil Green to chat about the interesting...

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The Turn Podcast #66

Folds of Honor - Meeting Sacrifice With Hope

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Julia and Kris chat with Tony Biata, PGA Member and Senior Director of Development for Folds of Honor. Meeting ...

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The Turn Podcast #65

Benefits of Incorporating the Deep Work Philosophy

In this episode, Senior Vice Presidents Phillip Martin and Bill O’Brien share ideas with Julia on how to incorporate the philosophy of deep work...

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The Turn Podcast #64

Perks of Curated Beverage Program

It’s not just about the ice, glassware, garnishes, or pour… beverage programming also requires strategy, creativity and collaboration. ...

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The Turn Podcast #63

Club Operations and Greenlights

Julia is joined by colleagues Phillip Martin and Justin Herr to discuss a few key concepts of club operations, viewed through the lens of the New York...

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The Turn Podcast #62

An Interview with Matt Fitzpatrick

This episode of The Turn features an excerpt of Kris’ interview with Team Troon member and US Open Champion, Matt Fitzpatrick. Listen in as the ...

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The Turn Podcast #61

Troon Family Golf Month 2022

In this episode, Julia and Kris chat with the ultimate golfing family, the Maurers. Both Lindsay and Neil are Troon General Managers, and 9-year old ...

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The Turn Podcast #60

Logos - To Change or Not to Change?

Listen in as Julia and Kris take a deep dive on logo changes relative to brand strategy, standards guides, best practices, and more. Our guests for ...

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The Turn Podcast #59

Troon Women's Golf Month

Looking for ways to get more women into golf? Have a listen to this episode, featuring Marissa Kulig Crow, 2021 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, for...

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