Legends Club Host Second Annual Legends Club Life Savers Blood Drive

Legends Club hosted their second annual Legends Club Life Savers Blood Drive on Tuesday, March 29th.  The initial event originating during the throes of COVID-19 (Jan 2021), was one of the most successful blood drives in middle Tennessee.  At the time, local blood banks were experiencing desperate shortages, and made pleas to regional businesses and organizations for assistance.  The Legends Club management team and membership rose to the occasion, and the event doubled in anticipated donors within the first month!  With a membership of over 800, they capitalized on their numbers and an outstanding private venue space to achieve a record-breaking donation to the Red Cross.  There was so much demand by the membership, they made the event a yearly occurrence and had an equally impressive turnout this year. Through the generosity and compassion of members and staff, the Legends Club donations in 2022 amounted to saving the lives of up to 138 people!  It is heartening to see a golf club so united in spirit, and with a genuine compassion for their community, give of themselves to help others.  They are looking forward to another successful event in 2023!