Two Golf Fitness Experts Join CH3 Performance Academy at The Els Club Dubai

Golf Fitness Experts at CH3 Performance Academy at Els Club Dubai

The Claude Harmon III Performance Academy at The Els Club Dubai has two new golf fitness professionals who are bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in different areas of golf fitness which means the team there can assist every golfer on their improvement journey.

Shaveer working with a golfer at CH3 Performance AcademyShaveer Haripershad

Rehab and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Shaveer Haripershad (Shav) is a Rehab and Corrective Exercise Specialist as well as an effective conversationalist. He is the founder of the increasingly acclaimed blog, Rehab motion; a platform created to improve and motivate individuals through the art of rehabilitation and biomechanics. Shav is also involved in developing corporate wellness programs for internationally recognized companies in the UAE, Zambia and his home country of South Africa.

Over the years, he has improved the lives of people from all walks of life through fitness and motivation towards wellness through and active lifestyle. He excels by adopting an unconventional approach to presentations, seminars and online educating, preferring a more practical approach to ensure maximum understanding and engagement in key concepts in health and wellness.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and completed multiple certifications to supplement his expertise, Shav has a diverse range of experience in applying his unique approach to coaching and treatment of his clientele.

His hands-on, logical approach has proven exceptionally successful in improving the recovery of many of the individuals he’s worked with. Shav conducts workshops and training programmes to motivate and enhance the skills of individuals and corporate entities in order to facilitate a holistic approach to improved health and well-being through movement. His approach is to increase the knowledge in communities about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Tom working with a female golfer at CH3 Performance AcademyTom Evans

Fitness Professional

Tom joins the CH3 team after graduating with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Ulster. He has also achieved his Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute certification and is currently in the process of becoming and strength and conditioning coach.

His interests include understanding how the human body moves within the golf swing, using biomechanics and functional training to improve golfing performance.

Tom comes to Dubai with a passion to train elite juniors and competitive golfers, helping them excel in the gym and on the golf course.

Enjoy a complimentary golf screening with Tom, available until 31st May 2022.

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