Why We LOVE Golf

Why We Love Golf Collage of Troon Associates

Valentine’s Day is a day where we certainly celebrate our love. Troon professionals associates from around the world all share a love for this amazing game of golf. On this day where we celebrate love, romance, endearment, we take a moment to reflect upon some of the many reasons why

Lindsay Mauer

Lindsay Mauer

General Manager, Thanksgiving Point Golf Club, Lehi, Utah

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – What started off as some of my favorite dates with my future husband nearly 2 decades ago, learning to golf has led to us traveling the world together on golf trips with best friends as well as a life-long career in the sport. I have too many amazing memories playing golf to count. Now I am seeing my three kids learn respect, confidence, social skills, and mental toughness through the game I love. Working in the golf industry I get to see first hand how golf is both good for the soul and bridges generations for so many others as well. I am beyond grateful to be part of that on a daily basis. Last year alone I got to cheer on our Thanksgiving Point Golf Club team on ESPN as they became National Champions of the PGA Junior League, play in Breast Cancer Awareness tournaments in support of my mom, and complete Troon’s esteemed LEADer program. Golf has been such a meaningful part of my life and continues to be a constant source of much-needed fun.

JC Wright

JC Wright

Director of Club Operations, The Boulders Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – Why I love golf, the camaraderie. Whether you make plans with friends or simply get paired up to play with strangers. I have shaped great friendships over the years by chasing a little white ball with complete strangers.

Cyd Okino

Head Golf Professional, Pearl Country Club, Aiea, Hawaii

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love golf because it will forever challenge me. I will never be able to perfect it and it will never bore me. It is a sport that has allowed me to travel the world, meet many people and make so many connections. Without golf, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Robin Graf with friends

Robin Graf

Chief Operating Officer, The Lodge of Four Seasons / The Club at Porto Cima, Sunrise Beach, M

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love the game, the challenge of competing against yourself and your golf partner, the beauty of the course and that one shot that keeps you coming back!

Abdelaziz Mahmoud Abdelaziz Mohamed

Abdelaziz Mahmoud Abdelaziz Mohamed

Outside Service Manager, Dubai Hills Golf Club, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why do you LOVE the game of golf I love golf because I was born on the golf course; my home had a direct view of the golf course under the pyramids in Egypt so every day from my home I saw golfers playing. My two oldest brothers are golf professionals so a love for golf runs through my family.

Steven Outlaw

Steven Outlaw

Director of Golf, Wickenburg Ranch & Social Club, Wickenburg, Arizona

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love golf for the memories created, friendships developed and lessons learned. This great game has constantly challenged me, and its taught me allot about myself.

Barbora Kocianova

Barbora Kociánová

Senior Marketing Manager, PGA National Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love golf because no matter how much I play, I can still learn and improve on my game. I neve know how I am going to play that day and I find that humbling. Plus I have made a lot of great friends through golf so what’s not to love!

Daryl Crawford

Daryl Crawford

General Manager, Papago Golf Club, Phoenix, Arizona

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – Golf creates a multitude of memorable moments. It reveals new relationships and renews acquaintances. It challenges your spirit while teaching you patience and reward and honor. And just like life… every day is anew.

Charlyn Alunday


Charlyn Alunday

Golf Operations & Social Media, Al Zorah Golf Club, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love spending time with people from all walks of life; engaging in exciting conversations and enjoying nature whilst on the golf course. Golf offers me this and so much more.

John Beuselinck

Joe Beuselinck

Golf Shop Attendant, Tri-Mountain Golf Course, Ridgefield, Washington

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – “Lush grass, open air and picturesque settings. Along with good friends and good exercise, these are some of the things that our game has to offer to those inclined toward a weekend round or a casual membership at their local club. For many, golf is an engagement aimed solely at recreation and entertainment. Then there are those of us diehards who reach for a word so heavy as “love” to describe our connection to hitting little white ball around a field.

Nura Al-Gain Image

Nura Al-Gain

Agronomy Admin Assistant, Royal Greens Golf & Country Club, Al Murooj, King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love the game of golf for giving me the career path I am in today and the opportunity to network with new people from all across the world. The joy of working on the golf course where is no two days are the same, and enjoying spectacular views and nature is such a fantastic feeling.

Jasmine Lam

Jasmin Lam

Assistant Golf Professional, Alhambra Golf Course, Alhambra, California

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – Golf is a fun sport that gives plenty of opportunities to challenge myself and meet other people.

Harris Farouk Abdullah

Harris Farouk Abdullah

Director of Golf Operations, The Els Club Desaru Coast – Ocean Course, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I fell in love with this game and have enjoyed meeting people around the world whilst appreciating the characteristic of golf courses on this planet. Although, sometimes golf can be frustrating, I see it as an opportunity to build character. Moreover, you are able to read people’s character from this game. I love golf because I’ve built my career to where I am now to be part of Troon from this beautiful game.

Corey Finn Imagae

Corey Finn

Golf Course Manager, Yas Links Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love golf for many reasons; Tiger Woods in Red on Sundays, giving me my career path in green keeping, I love the challenge of trying to perfect the imperfect… getting to look after the golf course present it in a condition that wows the some of the greatest golfers in the world.

Kawika Parangan

Kawika Parangan

Guest Service Attendant, Ocean Course Hokuala, Lihue, Hawaii

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – Why I love to golf? “It’s a game you can never master”, even the best players in golf can never master golf, you can practice and practice and never perfect it. Tiger Woods also said this for his golf game.

Raquel Olmos Roso Image

Raquel Olmos Roso

Assistant Golf Professional, Ak-Chin Southern Dunes, Maricopa,Arizona

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – Golf has given me an opportunity to grow as a person and as an athlete in an amazing way as well as the chance to meet incredible people from all over the world. I’ve been able to explore and experience a different culture and last but not least because of golf I’ve been able to compete at an elite level.

Matt Marquardt Image

Matt Marquardt

Golf Shop Attendant, Eagle Crest Golf Club, Escondido, California

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love it because it is enjoyable easy going sport my buddies and I can play together. Also, I love the challenge of the game and that I can apply my mind & creativity to every shot.

Bronson Mahoe Image

Bronson Mahoe

Banquet Captain, Pearl Country Club, Aiea, Hawaii

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love playing golf because it’s a challenge for me. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks on TV and that’s the part I love the most about it. I’m determined to try and get better, so I have fun challenging myself every time I go out there to try and work on my swing and improve my game.

Zach Smetzer Image

Jake Smeltzer

Assistant Golf Professional, The Ridge Golf Course and Events Center, Auburn, California

Why do you LOVE the game of golf – I love golf because every day is an opportunity to get a little better if you’re willing to put in the time.