Troon-Managed Properties Featured In Golf Australia Magazine’s Top 100

Brookwater Golf & Country Club

Golf Australia Magazine spent two years combing the country and come up with the list of Australia’s Top-100 Courses. In the end, three Troon-managed properties were spotlighted!

Written by readers and golfers themselves, this Top-100 list recommends the best courses for our fellow golfers to play; where you will have the most memorable golfing experiences.

Golf Australia Magazine writes, “That’s what we think is the most important aspect of this ranking – great golf, great memories.”

This Top 100 list has been compiled by a panel of 25 judges, each with their own ideas of what makes a good golf course.

Average points: 97.42
2016 rank: 5.

Judge Comment:
“Cape Wickham is No.1 on the ‘views and scenery’ rankings, no course in the country can match it. While the coastline and the views are dramatic and spectacular, the design is clever and subtle. The designers have resisted the temptation to fill the course with ‘hero shots’, forced carries and elevated tees. What they have built is a very walkable course on a clever routing. The holes, while understated, are full of interest – and the questions asked of the golfer are backed up by multiple options due to width, all fescue surfaces and plentiful short grass around the greens. It’s the sort of course you want to play a lot, and it will be very playable in the toughest and most variable conditions that players will inevitably be confronted with.” – Rich Macafee.

Average points: 80.3
2016 rank: 32.

Judge Comment:
“The renovation work carried out on the greens has significantly improved the putting experience, while surfaces are now larger and more in tune with the original design of the greens.” – Joe Thomas.

Average points: 53.14
2016 rank: 70.

Judge Comment:
“There’s no doubting it, Pacific Harbour is a tough layout to master, especially when the wind is blowing. But if you choose your tee wisely, you can better appreciate the strategy by approaching the greens from a length intended by the designer.” – Scott Nielsen.

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