8 Environmental Initiatives at Troon Destinations Around the World

June 5th is World Environment Day and we are taking moment to shine the spotlight on some of the fantastic environmental activities and initiatives at 8 Troon golf courses around the world.

Destination: Noonu Atoll, Maldives

Golf Club: Velaa Private Island

Environmental Initiative:  Velaa Private Island is probably one of Troon’s most unique golfing destinations, off the beaten track on the Noonu Atoll in the Maldives but that hasn’t stopped them implementing some fantastic initiatives to care for the local habitat; including under the water. The facility is home to the Maldives largest Coral Restoration Project and led by the islands’ onsite coral biologist, has witnessed the successful transplantation of over 4,200 nursery-grown corals. This project has seen a 5% increase in coral growth and has led to a surge in the amount of fish visiting the transplanted areas and surrounding endangered sites.

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Destination: Hawaii, US

Golf Club: Princeville Makai

Environmental Initiative: When it comes to waste management, Princeville Makai is embracing the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Estimating that around 100,000 plastic water bottles were used on property every year, they decided it was time to reduce their consumption and say goodbye to plastic bottles. Princeville Makai installed two FloWater water stations on property and added some additional water stations throughout the course. Guests can use their own bottles to refill, use paper cups, or purchase aluminum bottles for use.  Food utensils used in the Makai Grill are compostable so those utensils can serve another purpose after use. And they have set up a recycling system so it can recycle all of its aluminum cans, glass and paper products. Additionally, the paper cups and paper bags are made from recycled materials

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Destination: Arizona, US

Golf Club: Troon North in Scottsdale

Environmental Initiative: Troon North is a shining example of what is possible with a golf course in the desert. It is a 36-hole golf course with only about 121 acres of irrigated turf, which is one of the lowest footprints in Phoenix, AZ. This means they use a lot less water but they go a step further by using reclaimed water to irrigate the course. Using reclaimed water means Troon North is not using any groundwater (which is of concern in the southwestern U.S.), and a portion the water applied to course filters through the turfgrass and is actually reintroduced back to the groundwater system. Troon North also recognized the importance of preserving the Sonoran Desert in an area with increasing development. Approximately 300 acres were dedicated as Natural Area Open Space (NAOS). Land designated as NAOS must be preserved in its natural desert state and remain free of obstruction. This protects critical habitat and serves as a corridor to the surrounding mountains. Each summer Troon North closes one course. This significantly lowers maintenance requirements and improves the health of the turfgrass, which ultimately lowers their carbon footprint.

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Destination: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Golf Club: Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Environmental Initiative: Saadiyat Beach Golf Club has been leading the way in the region with their sustainability practices and environmental conservation processes. They continue to provide a safe and thriving sanctuary for over 160 bird species, 250 + mountain gazelles and also a rejuvenation of native plants, as well as supporting the Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Programme, the only one of its kind in the Arabian Gulf. Plus, in 2020, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club became the first golf course in the region to achieve Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, Certification.

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Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

Golf Club: PGA National Czech Republic

Environmental Initiative: From the outset, PGA National Czech Republic at Oaks Prague has had sustainability at the forefront of their minds. As part of the GEO’s Oncourse program for sustainability, PGA National Czech Republic has looked for ways to increase biodiversity, promote sustainable turfgrass, prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption and recycle all materials. As land managers of 104 hectares, the team has embraced their responsibility when it comes to environmental care. In 2020 944 trees were planted, 99% of golf rounds were walked, 100% of irrigation water was captured from the on-course drainage system filtering rainwater, 100% of plastic was recycled and 229T of grass clippings were sent to compost.

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Destination: Utah, US

Golf Club: Red Ledges in Heber City

Environmental Initiative: Red Ledges was founded on a “limited disruption concept.” They took great care during construction to preserve the red rock cliffs, juniper canyons, and elevated ridges that weave throughout the property. This concept extends to the golf course management practices as well. Red Ledges eliminated the use of synthetic nitrogen on greens and instead use organic, locally sourced nitrogen. They also use only about 10 percent of nitrogen fertilizer on fairways as most other courses. Red Ledges is located in a high elevation and dry climate. Therefore, water conservation has been one of their top priorities. They’ve installed moisture sensing technology, added micro-irrigation and utilize drones to make sure every drop counts.

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Destination: Bangalore, India

Golf Club: Prestige Golfshire Club

Environmental Initiative: Prestige Golfshire Club in Bangalore India is spread across 275 acres of lush greenery and sits below the beautiful Nandi Hills which is why the agronomy team have been working hard to ensure a sustainable approach and implementing conservation initiatives. From reducing the use of pesticides by up to 80% to optimizing the use of water on the course with the introduction of a full water savings plan. And during a visit to Prestige Golfshire Club, you could spot a range of wildlife from snakes, monkeys and fish, to one of 30 protected bee hives or some of the 150 strong species of bird that call the course and the surrounding area, home.

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Destination: Spain

Golf Club: Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Environmental Initiative: Las Colinas Golf & Country Club in Alicante has committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has been working on a number of projects to enrich their local environment. From their reforestation project which recently saw them plant 150 small pine trees, to the reduction water usage through improved irrigation, the implementation of an onsite purification system for wastewater, the facility is leading the way. And whilst you are there you could see a whole host of wild bird species, or explore the nature trails which are integrated within 200,000 m² of nature conservation areas.

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