International Manatee Conservation Day!

On September 7th we celebrated International Manatee Conservation Day! A day dedicated to raise awareness about manatee populations worldwide.

Last year we celebrated with a very successful fundraising event for the Center for Manatee Conservation of Puerto Rico and will be fundraising for this great organization again next year! We thank all of those that support and contribute to these efforts.

Manatees are herbivorous marine mammals averaging from 8 – 13 ft. as large, slow-moving animals; frequent found in coastal waters and rivers. Manatee calves drink their mother’s milk and stay close to mom for about 2 years. Manatees are usually seen alone, in pairs, or in small groups of a half dozen or fewer animals. From above the water’s surface, the animal’s nose and nostrils are often the only thing visible.

Today, manatees are an endangered species. Though protected by laws, they still face threats, these gentle beasts are often accidentally hit by motorboats. At Bahia we are very fortunate because we have a population of these creatures that visit us frequently throughout the year, often near seagrass beds close to the plantation house and the mouth of the river.

If you ever see a manatee on property, please let our natural resources department know by calling the Nature Center and stop by this week to learn some more about the manatee.