Troon Golf Insiders Club

Troon Golf is proud to introduce the Troon Golf Insiders Club.

What is it?


in-sid-er [in-sahy-der] – noun: a golf enthusiast who meets two of the following criteria. 1.) Fan of Troon Golf’s Facebook page. 2.) Follow @troongolf on Twitter. 3.) Subscribe to the Troon Golf Blog.

We all know you can’t argue a definition so if you meet two of these three criteria, then congratulations because you are a Troon Golf Insider! If you aren’t, then cheer up and do something about it! Visit Troon Golf on FacebookTwitter, and the Troon Golf Blog to start following us.

OK, so… what’s the point?


The Troon Golf Insiders Club is a way to define our social media friends, giving them opportunities to share their golf experiences online by participating in different contests each month.

How does it work?


Troon Golf will post a monthly Insider Challenge on Facebook, Twitter and the Troon Golf Blog. Troon Golf Insiders will have the opportunity to participate in these challenges to earn different prizes. Each month, the Insider Challenge will be defined and directions on how to participate will be given.

Those who aren’t Insiders can still participate – no one’s stopping you. But only Insiders can win. (Sorry, same goes for Troon Golf associates too, but feel free to partake in the fun anyway.)

The October Insider Challenge will be announced soon, so stay tuned.