Golf Tip: Tiger’s Drill For Putting

The following is a guest post by Tim Mahoney, Director of Education, Troon Golf.

For the average golfer, 42 percent or more of your strokes are struck with your putter, which means that working on your flat stick is the fastest way to a lower handicap. For putts of 15 feet or less, 80 percent of your misses are likely due to an incorrect path — your motion should be relatively straight back and forth.

First, check your setup: Grip in the palms of your hands, both thumbs on top; body square to the target, and ball forward in your stance; club shaft in line with your left arm at address and through the stroke, with arms swinging freely from your shoulders.

Second, use one of Tiger Woods’ favorite drills: Position a ball four feet from the hole with two tees placed into the ground just outside the putter face; stroke the putt between the tees without touching them. Tiger does this with his right hand only and finishes by making 50 in a row!