Why We Play

So much of the game is centered on emotions. Think about the last round you played with your father, mother or close friend. Remember the laughs and conversations that were shared during the four-plus hours of the round? Or maybe you recently played the golf course where you took your first lesson as a child, which opened the floodgates of your memory. The natural beauty of a golf course and its surroundings certainly stirs up feelings of amazement. Add in the ups and downs felt while walking off each tee box and the thrill of an eight-footer for eagle, and golf becomes more of an emotional rollercoaster ride than a stroll through the park.

Do you agree that while most golfers will never be good enough to play professional golf, it is the emotional experiences that drive their passion for the game? Can that be said about other sports, or is it somehow different in golf?

We’d like to know what you think and even hear about the memorable experiences you’ve had on the golf course.