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From the desk of rob demore

As a full time practicing Capricorn and avid agnostic of some things, this quote makes me smile and reminds me of the paradox we all live and breathe daily. One Such in the club world is the discussion over what constitutes and actual club sandwich. It is easily one of the most popular items nationwide in this business, although what is in it actually differs from club to club. Given the wrinkles, shouldn’t it be called a “club’s” sandwich as an homage to the specificity of their interpretation? Here is what I mean.


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While I refuse to be remotely reasonable to accept that a true club sandwich can be served on a croissant, I am open to the ethos of a club sandwich having no fewer than two of the key meats – turkey, ham, and bacon – on toasted white or wheat bread. You add chicken and I am out of recognizing it as a club sandwich. If we add cheese to it, provided it has mayonnaise, tomatoes, and three pieces of bread, I am still on board to keep identifying it as a club sandwich species.

If you identify as a “California club” sandwich, then the rules start all over for me. Go ahead and add avocado, Brussel sprouts, croissants, and even maybe chicken instead of one of the non-pork meats. However, the avocado is a must. Did you know that since the 1970s, avocado consumption has grown over 300 percent on a person basis in America? From toast to desserts and the guacamole in between, this favored fruit has become a new friend welcome to all tables in the business.

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The world has enough room for a consistent acceptance of inconsistencies provided we add avocados from time to time so to speak. As long as there is consistent application of nuanced thought in all spaces from club sandwiches to club versions, there is no ceiling, even with the economic waves in front of us. In the end, this is a business of happiness no matter the twist and turns of the journey.

Bravo to the addition of the avocado in our lives, but keep the club’s sandwiches coming.

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