Celebrating World Olive Tree Day with Costa Navarino

View over the golf course and Messinia Bay from Costa Navarino

Did you know the average life span of an olive tree is around 500 years? In honor of World Olive Tree Day, we’re spotlighting some cool ways in which one Troon golf destination, Costa Navarino in Greece, celebrates this fantastic tree.

Workers moving an olive tree at Costa Navarino during their re-plantation project

Olive Tree Re-Plantation Project

Part of Costa Navarino’s sustainable approach meant ensuring the native olive trees were integrated into the resort with integrity. During the construction phase, TEMES embarked on a challenging program to move on-site olive trees and temporarily plant them in a specially prepared reception area. As construction progressed, these trees were replanted in their final location on-site, in an effort to preserve what has been part of the landscape for centuries.

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Mother and child participating in olive harvesting experience at Costa Navarino

Olive Harvesting Experience

At Costa Navarino, guests have the opportunity to experience first-hand the age-old tradition of the olive harvest, and the delicate process of turning the fruits into extra virgin olive oil of the very highest quality. The experience includes learning about the harvesting process, visiting the local olive press and tasting the finished product!

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Massage amongst the Olive Grove at the Anzoe Spa at Costa Navarino

Olive Grove Spa

Pamper yourself in the heart of Messinia’s most iconic rural landmark… the olive groves. Immerse yourself in a bespoke spa experience besides thousand-year-old olive trees, to the music of cicadas, it really is an experience not to overlook during your visit to Costa Navarino.

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Olive oil being poured during Olive Oil Tasting experience at Costa Navarino

Olive Oil Tasting and Pairing

Whilst visiting Costa Navarino, an Olive Oil tasting experience is a must. Join a unique olive oil tasting session and learn from local experts how to discern the subtle flavors of Messinia’s renowned extra virgin olive oil. Pick up some of the delicious, regional olive oil during your visit and you can do your own olive oil pairing at home too!

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