5 things to know about Nebřenice Chateau at PGA National Czech Republic

View of two golfers walking towards Nebřenice Chateau at PGA National Czec Republic at Oaks Prague

PGA National Czech Republic recently celebrated the opening of the renovated, 19th-century Nebřenice Chateau with its stunning façade lovingly restored and some excellent amenities inside including locker rooms, social spaces, and the golf shop. Here are five things to know about Nebřenice Chateau

1. Hunting Lodge

The chateau, which lies in the heart of the Oaks Prague development was originally built as a hunting lodge for the Von Schuttelsberg family in the early 19th century.

2. Rebuilt and Renovated

The chateau was not only renovated but some parts were actually rebuilt to ensure its structural stability. During the renovation, part of the chateau was rebuilt and the facades were expertly restored to their original appearance to maintain the integrity of the building.

Restoration in progress of the Nebrenice Chateau at PGA National Czech Republic

A view of the back of the restored building of the Nebrenice Chateau

3. Materials and Design

Materials including stone, terrazzo, and metal have been used in more modern design features like the modern metal staircase which leads from first floor to the loft to sensitively strike a  contrast with the traditional elements of the building like the vaulted arches.

4. Social Spaces

The chateau is home to a stunning open-kitchen restaurant that will take guests on a gastronomic journey, lounge, and bar for social moments.  Multi-purpose spaces have been created in the castle loft for unique events, private dining, or meetings.

Two female golfers walking through the new golf shop inside Nebrenice Chateau at PGA National Czech Republic

Lounge area inside the Nebrenice Chateau at PGA National Czech Republic

5. Golf

A golf shop and golf simulator complete the golf experience. The fresh and airy golf shop is home to golf apparel and hardware to ensure you have all you need for a great game of golf on this exquisite golf course.

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