The Els Club Desaru Coast Hosts Inaugural FootGolf Malaysia Open

Team photo at FootGolf Malaysia Open 2022

Last month, The Els Club Desaru Coast hosted the inaugural Malaysia Open which saw over 50 players visit the Ocean Course for a fun and competitive day of footgolf. Footgolf Malaysia who organised the competition in partnership with The Els Club Desaru Coast is championing the sport and hopes to have even more players for the second competition next year.

Footgolf, a combination of football and golf has been growing in popularity in Malaysia since 2018 and The Els Club Desaru Coast, in collaboration with Footgolf Malaysia, the official governing body of the sport locally, has launched the first FootGolf Course in the idyllic Desaru Coast.

Speaking about the inaugural event, Jeffrey Cottam, Managing Director of Footgolf Malaysia commented, “Malaysia hosted the inaugural Malaysia Open in 2022. The Els Club Desaru Coast’s hosting of this historic event adds to its allure. Our goal is to encourage more players to sign up for the 2023 Malaysian Open by sending our international players’ recollections of the lovely course and playing conditions back to their home nations. The Malaysian Open is not only a fantastic footgolf competition; it is also a window into the cultural diversity of Malaysia as well as the perseverance and development of Malaysia’s proud athletes.”

Footgolf is a great new way for individuals to experience and enjoy the golf course; the game is played with a regulation size 5 football on the golf course with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules essentially correspond to rules of golf with the course layout and playing strategies similar to that of golf. The aim of the game is simple; drive the ball from the tee box, to the hole in the least amount of kicks.

Steffi Sarge Kaur, National Women’s Footballer commented, “I think everyone who participated in the FIFG500 Malaysia Open cherished their time on the breathtaking Els Club Desaru footgolf course. I would adore the opportunity to go back and play there once more. I’m hopeful that one day FGM and The Els Club Desaru will hold a world footgolf event that includes all Footgolf players.”

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